When it comes to getting ready, there is one task that dread us the most for the love of beauty and grooming – hairstyling.

Think about how much time you spend in your hair so you better invest on something that’s worth it. Luckily, this innovative generation has come up with the best tools you’ll need to achieve the best version of yourself in terms of hairstyling. So there’s no excuse why you are going out of style.

Below are the Top 8 Tools:

1. Hair Dryer.

Many people underestimate the power of a hair dryer. What does it do aside from the fact that it just blows out air to your hair? These are the questions we may have in mind. But actually, a good hair dryer will do the job faster, better and leave your hair looking better and healthier.

2. Hair Straighteners.

Straight hair is a hairstyle that is always on trend. It’s perfect whether for a special occasions or simple everyday look. But did you know that it can do more? Not only can it flatten and smoothen out your hair, but it can also give you those soft curls. And the coolest part is, they’re usually handbag sized, so it just takes up minimal space in your suitcase when you’re on your travels.

3. Hair Crimper.

Want to feel like you’re in the 80’s when crimping was huge? Or do you want to get that mermaid look? Go for it. Feel fierce. Live your dream through this tool for a type of hairstyle that makes you look like it took you forever.

4. Curling Tongs.

As any lady know, volume is a BIG thing to get to those glances in the crowd. This is your perfect buddy for volumizing your roots and achieving those voluptuous curls.

5. Heated Rollers. Steal those hollywood style curls and achieve them in no time at all. Not only that it is convenient to use in curling your hair but it also let the curls set while you’re doing whatever else you need. Perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

6. Hot Air Brush. Isn’t it a challenge to perfect rotating a brush while holding a hairdryer? With a hot air brush, it’s hassle-free! You can use the other hand to keep the hair taut and guide the brush through it. In no time, you’re ready to rock your effortless simple but chic hairstyle.

7. Clippers. Working on the same principle as scissors, a clipper is more beneficial to men as it gives a clean finish to their desired short hairstyles. It may seem like a simple shaver to the majority, but to a hair expert, it helps finish the job with even results.

8. Trimmers. We can’t deny, beards rock. With the proper care and maintenance, any facial hairstlye really can look terrific.

Thankfully, we have the hair trimmer to help you achieve an extremely smooth shave and even complex hairstyles.

by: Iona Olaso

8 hair gadgets that make your hair more exciting - Iona Olaso content Writer - 8 Hair Gadgets That Make Your Hair More Exciting

Iona is our freelance hair and beauty content writer.  She finished a degree in Secondary Education Major in English and has more than 5 years of language teaching experiences in Singapore and in the Philippines. Both as an educator and a lover of beauty, she is passionate about sharing knowledge on the importance of being beautiful inside and out.