Naked Tan

Naked Tan is an Australian vegan-friendly sunless tanning company designed to give women the best tanning results in the least amount of time. Naked Tan innovated the tanning industry in 2007, when our founder, Lea Taylor launched the worldÕs first 2 hr wash and wear tan.ÒI began developing Naked Tan in 2005 in Australia. I had 2 children at this time and I was juggling work and family and had no time for tanning products that needed to be left on for 8-12 hrs to develop, I wanted a tan that would deliver the same natural looking sunless tanning results but in a quicker and faster time, for myself and for every other woman that was busy with their lifestyles.Ó- Lea TaylorSince then we have continued to give women innovative products designed to make each woman feel like a bronzed goddess. Naked Tan can be found in over 3,000 salon stockists, in fact every 45 seconds there is a woman having a Naked Tan spray/fake tan in Australia. Naked Tan continues to expand globally in foreign markets like, the USA, Europe, New Zealand and Fiji.Our MissionAt Naked Tan we believe in inspiring women by creating products that allow them to  Ôreveal their inner goddessÕ. To feel and look great inside and out, empowering women with the confidence and beauty that is within. We believe in delivering exceptional quality that offers the Ômodern womanÕ an easy and quick tanning solution.Naked Tan StoryNaked Tan began in 2005 our founder, Lea Taylor noticed a need within the tanning market for the Ôwoman on the goÕ. A natural sunless tan for the Ômodern womanÕ with a busy lifestyle that didnÕt have all day to wait around for a tanning product to develop, she pioneered the tanning industry by launching the first 2hr tan.ÔThe modern womanÕÉ.She was my inspiration whom I refer to in all branding and company philosophy as The Goddess. She is in all of us. I believe this for myself, my staff, all our loyal stockists and customers and all those that endorse the Naked Tan brand.Ó Since the beginning our mission has been to make women feel good and confident about themselves Ð To inspire women to be empowered and reveal their inner goddess.ÒIn harmony with beauty, life and humble spirit, she reveals the goddess withinÓ Ð NAKED TAN